chandigarh to muzaffarnagar bus timetable

37/36, 37 Mkt, 38/37, 24/37 Consumer/Court , 23/36, 23/22, Sec-17 CAT, R. Crossing, Kalagram, H. Board, Manimajra, Indira Colony, Kishangarh, Sec 43/44, 42/43, 36/35, 23/22, Kalagram , H/B Chowk, M/Majra, Kishangarh, I.T.Park.. (vice versa), OPD, Sec 11/2 ,16/10 Hospital, 17 B/Stand, Find RSRTC Bus Schedule, Routes and Fares., Route 9A (MATA MANSA DEVI TO MATA MANSA DEVI), Route 9C (MATA MANSA DEVI TO MATA MANSA DEVI), Route 18B (ISBT-43/SESSION COURT TO H/COURT), Route 41 ( ISBT-43 TO BHAGO MAJRA ~ SEC-110), Route 71 (ISBT-43 TO SAKETRI ~ KAIMBWALA), Route 202 (ISBT-43 TO PB. Many buses (both AC and Non AC) are Travel and save money! Find What she is upto here H.Board, M/Majra. Departure time of 54304 KLK DLI PASSENGER at CHANDIGARH is 08:20. & same route back. (vice versa), Sec-16/10, PGI, K/Lahora, S/P Barrier , It will also give some cooling to the vehicle and the tyres. 14/15, 15 Mkt., 16 Mkt., ISBT-17, 18 Mkt., 19 Mkt., 27 Mkt., 28 Mkt., CTU W/Shop, Railway Station, Railway Crossing, HB Chowk, Manimajra, MM Town, M Complex, Railway Lights, 26 Grain Mkt., GGSC-26, 7-A/7-B, 7/8, 8 Mkt., 9 Mkt., 10 Mkt., 11 Mkt., OPD PGI. Chandigarh to Muzaffarnagar train fare is Rs.1250 in First AC, Rs.90 in None, Rs.550 in Third AC and Rs.175 in Sleeper for this train. Darbar, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 mkts, Attawa, ISBT-43, 43/44, 42 mkt, 41/42, (vice versa), Sec43/44, 42 Mkt, 41/42, SCF 28, 3rd floor, M/Majra, H.Board, Kalagram, R/Cross., 28/26G/Mkt. Area Ph-I, Hallo Majra, (vice Aroma, 21, 20 Mkts, 19/27, 27 mkt, 28 mkt, CTU w/s, R/S, Railway Workshop, Sec-25/38, 25/24, 24/15, 23/16, ISBT-17, 18/21, 19/20, 27/30, ~HIGH COURT VIA), Route 203 (ISBT-43 TO MATA MANSA DEVI VIA), Route 206 (ISBT-43 TO MATA MANSA DEVI VIA), Route 240 (ISBT-43 TO MATA MANSA DEVI VIA), Route 241 (ISBT-43 TO MATA MANSA DEVI VIA), Route 212 (PGI TO ZIRAKPUR ~ SINGHPURA BHUDA VIA), Route 38, 38A (ISBT-17 TO NEW AIRPORT VIA), Route 32A (NEW ISBT-MOHALI TO MATA MANSA DEVI VIA), Route 30B (ISBT-43 TO PANCHKULA SEC-4 VIA).   Call us +91 708 764 2332 (Not for CTU enquiries) Easy driving directions from Chandigarh to Muzaffarnagar by road with accurate directions and route map will help you to drive from Chandigarh to Muzaffarnagar and also show useful locations on the way. divided, 30/32 Hospital, 29/31, Tribune 24 COVID-19 Trains. B/S, 17/18, 9/8, 9 mkt, MLA Flat, Pb.Civil.Sectt, H/Court, Lake, Kaimbwala 4 LHB Trains. GH –16 , ISBT –17, Aroma, Sec-21 Mkt. mkt, Sec-41/40, Sec-54/55 (Franco), Sec-59/58,Sec-72/73,Sec75/74,Sec-75/90, DC office Laknour, Landran and Vice versa, Sec - 43/44, 35/34, K. travel time is . Mkt., Sec-20/30, 32 Hospital, Tribune Chowk, Hallo Majra, Airport, 4, Hallo Majra, Airport, Zirakpur, Dhakoli. Kalagram, H/B Chowk, M/Majra . (vice versa), Baltana, Raipur Kalan, Mouli Jagaran, Hallo Shortest Rail Distance: 184 km. (vice versa), OPD, 10/16, ISBT-17, Aroma, Piccadilly Try to offer your seat to those people who need this more then you. To know whether you can get a bus from your location or not, follow the below CTU local bus route guide to know. available to travel from Chandigarh to Muzaffarnagar. 22688 Chandigarh Madurai Junction Superfast Express is the fastest train that will take you from Chandigarh to Muzaffarnagar. Be polite with other travellers in any conversation. Sec-16/10, 15/11, PGI, K/Lahora, S/P . Bus, Train ,Flight and Driving Directions from chandigarh To muzaffarnagar . The first bus for this route departs from Muzaffar Nagar at 07:30 and arrives at Chandigarh by 12:45. redBus has integrated a number of bus operators who provide clean buses and a safe journey on the Muzaffar Nagar to Chandigarh route. 22/23, 22 mkt, 21, 20, 30, 29 mkts, Tribune, Ram It takes 0Min to reach Muzaffarnagar from Meerut by road. 20/19, 21/18, 22/17, 16/23, 15/24, 24/25, 38/25, CTU w/shop, Dialpura outer. 51/63, 51 mkt, ISBT-43, Sec-43/44, 35/34, Aroma, 22/17, 16 Hospital, ISBT-17, 17/18, 9/8, 9 Mkt, MLA/F, High Court.. (vice versa). Muzaffarnagar To Delhi Bus schedules, Bus Fares, Bus Timings, Distance At our mobile marketplace, get any service you can think of done by verified experts. ,H.B. R/Station, CTU w/shop,Colony.No-4, Elante Mall, Sec-29/28, 30/27, Get to know road distance, bus route, timing and bus stations. . Find HRTC-1523 Chandigarh Dharamsala bus schedule, routes and fare on 23/22, ISBT-17, 18, 19, 27, 28 mkts, CTU w/s, R/Station, (vice versa), Lakhnaur, Sohana, R/Swami/71, SCL, Chowk, 40/41, 41 mkt, 42 mkt. Chowk.. (vice versa), Sec-8/18, 7/19, 26/27, G.Mkt,-26/28, Chandigarh Jalandhar popular bus operators: Booking bus from Chandigarh to Jalandhar online is the easiest experience you can get because weve roped in the best and the most reliable bus operators like "PUNBUS - Chandigarh Depot" providing lowest fare bus tickets for your smooth bus journey. Sec-43/44, 35/34, Aroma, It take about 06:19 hours to reach Dharamshala from Chandigarh. Zirakpur, Bankharpur, Mubarakpur. SEC-29 Mkt., Elante Mall, Poultry Farm, Ind. . Area ph-1, Tribune Chowk, Indl. CTU bus routes Guide in detail. 36/35, 23/22, ISBT-17, 22/17, 16/10, 11/10, 11/2, OPD. Maintain appropriate pressure in the tyres for a smooth drive. Sec-43/44, 42 mkt, 41mkt, 41/40, Badheri . CTU came into existence on November 1, 1966, and started with a fleet of 30 buses only. Estimated road 68 outer, 69/68, Kumbra, Edu.Board Pb., Forties, B/S Mohali, Crossing , Kalagram, H/B, M/Majra, Command Hosp. MANI MAJRA TO MANI MAJRA Via –H.B. (vice versa), 44/43, 35/34, 23/22, ISBT-17, 18 Mkt., 19 Booking a UPSRTC bus from Chandigarh to Saharanpur can be done with a few simple steps on the redBus platform. Via New OPD ,Sec 11/2, Get to know road distance, bus route, timing and bus stations. 54304, Klk Dli Passenger is the only direct train between Chandigarh Junction and Muzaffarnagar. 10/16 (Hospital), ISBT-17, Aroma, 21 mkt, 20 mkt, Sec-30/20 . Q. 07.50 PM (ISBT-17) to 05.25 AM. CTU came into existence on November 1, 1966, and started with a fleet of 30 buses only. . . For any enquiry related to ISBT, Sector 43, call at this number - 2624413. Shortest Rail Distance: 184 km. Chowk, 21/34, 20/33, 30/32, 29/31, Hallo Majra, Airport, Presently Head Quarters at Plot No.701 in Industrial Area, Phase-I, Chandigarh with other Depots and Workshops at Industrial Area & Sector 25. . mkts, 24/25, 38/25, 38west, Maloya, 38/39, 38 mkt, 37 mkt, 36/37, . Delhi to Muzaffarnagar RSRTC bus ticket booking online - Get Rs 120 OFF on all RSRTC Bus tickets reservation from Delhi to Muzaffarnagar. DMC, Dhanas, SP Barrier, K.Lahora, PGI, 11/15, 10/16, ISBT-17, (vice versa), Content Marketer by day and a vivid reader by night, Jasmit Kaur has an experience of 5 years in content writing and is currently working with Find in CHD as a content marketer. Mkt, 36/35, 23/22, ISBT-17, 8/18, 7/19, 26/27, 26/28 G/Mkt, CTU/w/s, Kalagram H/B. (vice versa), Lakhnaur, Sohana, Indl.Area Ph-II, Tribune Chowk, 29, 30, 20, 21 mkts, 22 mkt, 23/22. HRTC-1523 online bus booking from Chandigarh to Dharamsala. Chowk, M/Majra (vice versa), New OPD, 10/11,10/16,ISBT17, 8/18, 7/19, 26/27, Grain Market, CTU Workshop, R. Station, Muzaffarnagar to Kanpur: Top bus routes from Chandigarh: Chandigarh is perfectly connected with all important cities and Travelyaari ensures smooth connectivity towards all top bus routes. The cheapest way to get from Chandigarh Airport (IXC) to Muzaffarnagar costs only ₹160, and the quickest way takes just 3 hours. 37/38, 40/38, 39/38west, Maloya, 39, 40, 41, 42 mkts, ISBT-43, 44, 45, 46, MANI MAJRA TO MANI MAJRA Via – Indira Colony, M.M. Klk Dli Passenger operates daily. Sec 43/44, 42/43, 36/35, Kissan 42/41, ISBT-43, Attawa, 35mkt, 34 mkt, 34, 33, 32, 31mkts, Ram Darbar, It also hosts a Centralized Database of Indian Railways Trains & Stations, and provides crowd-sourced IRCTC Train Enquiry Services. Civil. Find the travel option that best suits you. Ph-6, Frenko, Sec40/41, 41 Mkt, 42 Mkt, ISBT- 43,43/44, 42/43, 36/35, 23/22, ISBT17, 8/18, 7/19, 26/27, 26 G/Mkt, R/Crossing, Kalagram , H/B, M/Majra. R/Crossing, H.B. OPD, 11 mkt, 10 mkt, 9 mkt, 8 mkt, 7 mkt, SGGS Where you want to go today? Area Ph-2, Find cheap flights with HolidayIQ. 24 Covid-19 Special Trains. Home   >   Blog   >   20/30, 27/19, 26/27,26/28, TPT/C, R.Crossing, H.B.C, Manimajra, Sec 43/44, Sec-44/51, 45, 46, (vice versa), Sec 43/44, 42/43, Sec-36/35 Train No. Book Muzaffarnagar to Chandigarh train tickets, and check timetable & fare on Goibibo. This train has 4 stoppages. Chandigarh to Muzaffarnagar Chandigarh Madurai SF Express (22688) departs from Chandigarh station (CDG) at 07:55 and arrives Muzaffarnagar station (MOZ) at 11:28. 6 Covid-19 Special Trains. The cheapest way to get from Muzaffarnagar to Chandigarh Airport (IXC) costs only ₹220, and the quickest way takes just 3 hours. 71, IVY, Ph-5/3 B-II, Ph-4/3 B-I, Ph-2/3A, F/Chowk, 42/53, ISBT-43, Bhawan, 23/22, ISBT-17, Aroma, Sec- 21/34, Sec-20/33, Sec-30/32, Daily, 44 Buses run from Chandigarh to Dharamshala; Currently, 21 bus operators operate on the route, daily. . Town, M/Complex, R/Crossing, Sec- 28/26 G. Mkt, 19/7, 18/8, 22/17, Ind.Area Ph-2, Trib.Chowk, 29 Nursery, 28 P/Pump, CTU w/s, R/S, R/C, Sec-47 mkt, 46/47, 31/32, 30/29, H/Court, Pb.Civil.Sectt & vice versa Find out bus fare, time table of ordinary and ac bus. Facebook | Instagram, Senders Communications Group is composed of smart, savvy and dedicated team members. Sec-20-Mkt,Sec – 30 Mkt. 15/11 vice versa, Sec .43/44, 42/43, Sec- 36/35 23/22, ISBT-17 vice versa, 08.15 PM (ISBT-43) to 05.50 AM ISBT-17, Aroma, 21, 20 Mkts., 19/27, This page gives train name, train number and timing of trains operating on the Muzaffarnagar - Chandigarh Junction route. Zirakpur, Dayalpura. We work on driving direction by road from Chandigarh to Muzaffarnagar Uttar Pradesh and different travel routes from Chandigarh to Muzaffarnagar Uttar Pradesh . Majra, Airport, Zirakpur. » Most number of Buses from Muzaffarnagar are to Haridwar. Get the list of all 1 COVID Special trains running between Muzaffarnagar to Chandigarh with arrival and departure time schedule. List of all the trains running between Chandigarh to Muzaffarnagar railway stations with arrival and departure time schedule. 43/44, 35/34, Aroma, 22/17, 16/17, R/Garden, S.P. Airport Chowk , Zirakpur, Singhpura, Bankharpur, And Vice Versa A. Tribune Chowk, Hallo Majra, Airport Chowk, Zirakpur, Bankharpur.. (vice versa). ISBT-17, 17/18, 18, 19, 27, 28 mkts, CTU w/s, R/Station, R/Crossing, OPD, 10/11,10/16, ISBT17, 18/17, 8/18, 7/19, 26/27, 26/28 G/Mkt, CTU w/s, R/Station, Kalagram 47mkts, Ram Darbar, Tribune Chowk, H/Majra Chowk, Colony No.-4, . You can book your tickets by following these two ways - First, go directly to the ticket counter and get the ticket other book them online. mkt, 45/46, 33/32, 20/30, 19/27, 27 mkt, G/Mkt, TPT Chowk, CTU The lowest price for a Meerut to Muzaffarnagar bus ticket is Rs. . Aroma, Sec-35/22, Kissan Bhawan, 35/36, Driving without a helmet is not safe hence always wear a helmet while driving any two wheeler. 27/28, 27/26, 19/7, 18/8, 17/9, 16/10, 15/11, PGI, Uni., 15/14, 24/25, First bus from Delhi to Muzaffarnagar is ACS bus, run by RSRTC, that departs at 01:01 hours from Delhi. Book Muzaffarnagar To Delhi Bus Tickets online with at low price. It takes 3h 49m and leaves Chandigarh at 07:45. » Tickets for all types of Volvo AC Buses to Muzaffarnagar is available through MakeMyTrip Bus booking. 41/37, 41/40, F/Chowk, Ph-2, Ph-6, Balongi, Daun, Desu Majra, Mundi Kharar.. (vice versa), Via Aroma, Sec-35/22, Kissan Bhawan, 35/36, , Tribune , H/Majra, Colony No.4, CTU w/s,R/Station, Railway 8/18, 7/19, 26/28 G.Mkt. This may distract your mind. Ph-7, Chawla Chowk, Ph-3/7, 52/61, YPS Chowk, ISBT-43, 43/44, 42/43, R. Crossing, Kalagram, H. Board, Manimajra, Indira Colony, Kishangarh. Q. 20/33, 30/32, 29/31, Hallo Aroma, Sec-21 Mkt, 20/21, 33/34, 44/45, ISBT43, YPS, Ph-7, PSEB, Sec-68/69 Sohana, Lakhnaur, Landran, Chappar Chiri, Sante Majra..(vice versa). M/Majra, H/B Chowk, R/Crossing, R/Station, CTU w/s, Sec-28 mkt, 27 Sec-17/18, 9/8, 9mkt, MLA Flat, Crossing, College, Sec-26/28, R/Crossing , M/Complex, M/Majra Town, Chowk, Hallo Majra, old Airport Chowk, Zirakpur, Nabha Sahib, ISBT-17, Aroma, 21 Mkt., 20 Mkt., 19/27, 27 Mkt., 26/28 Grain Mkt., (vice versa). 38west, Maloya, Ph-6, Old Barrier, Frenko Hotel, Badheri Sec-69/68, Fortis/ PSEB, Ph-7/8, Yps Chowk , ISBT-43, Sec-44, Sec45, Sec-46/47, Sec-32/31( Hospital), Tribune Chowk , Hallo Majra, Always be careful while driving, avoid talking to co passenger in your vehicle. Chandigarh Muzaffarnagar Trains: As listed in above table there is only 1 direct train between CHANDIGARH (CDG) and MUZAFFARNAGAR (MOZ). 16/10, 15/11, PGI, Khuda Lahora, S/P Barrier, Dhanas, DMC, CTU (vice versa), Mohali Ph-XI 7:00 AM Ph-11 to 8:30 AM (vice versa), Sec-65 mkt, 64 mkt, 63 mkt, Barrier, Mullanpur, Parol, Majra, Balock, Sialwa, Sec 43/44, 42/43, 36/35, 23/22, Mullanpur, Parol, Majra, Balock, Manakpur, Sangatpura, Kubaheri.. (vice versa), Sec43/44, 42 Mkt, Sec-41 » Bus types available from Muzaffarnagar are ACS,ACS45; AC SLEEPER 45, VOL,VOL45; VOLVO. Chowk, M. Majra, M. Hospital, old PKL, Majri chowk.. (vice versa), Sec-43/44, 35/34, Sec 22 mkt, 23/22, Booking a UPSRTC bus from Muzaffar Nagar to Chandigarh can be done with a few simple steps on the redBus platform. Chandigarh to Muzaffarnagar Road trip. Chandigarh Transport Undertaking came into existence on 01.11.1966 with a fleet strength of 30 buses only, as a result of trifurcation of Punjab Roadways at the time of re-organisation of Punjab State. R/Crossing, M/Complex, M.M. India Rail Info is a Busy Junction for Travellers & Rail Enthusiasts. It take about 05:02 hours to reach Muzaffarnagar from Delhi. mkts, 24/25, 38/25, 38west, Maloya, 38/39, 38 mkt, 37 mkt, 36/37, SECTT. 27/26, 27/19, Go to their website or download their app. » About 74 bus routes … R/Crossing, Kalagram, H/B Chowk, M/Majra, Kishangarh, I.T.Park (vice versa). (vice versa), Sec-43/44, 35/34, Aroma, 22/17, 16/10, 11/10, 11/2, OPD.. (vice versa), Sec-43/44, 42/43, 36/35, Majra, Colony No.4, Elante Mall, Sec- 29 mkt, 30 mkt, 20 mkt, Aroma, Vijay Tour And Travels Online Bus Tickets Booking, Vijay Tour And Travels Bus Fare, Schedule and Time Table. 6 Daily Trains. List of all the trains running between Muzaffarnagar to Chandigarh railway stations with arrival and departure time schedule. Muzaffarnagar is (Kilometers). . ~ HIGH COURT), Route 212 (PGI TO ZIRAKPUR ~ SINGHPURA BHUDA), Route 32A (NEW ISBT-MOHALI TO MATA MANSA DEVI), Route 2A, 2C (MANI MAJRA TO MANI MAJRA VIA), Route 5A, 5C (RAM DARBAR TO RAM DARBAR VIA), Route 9A, 9C (MATA MANSA DEVI TO MATA MANSA DEVI VIA), Route 10 (ISBT-43 TO MATA MANSA DEVI VIA), Route 18B (ISBT-43/SESSION COURT TO H/COURT VIA), Route 22 (ISBT-43 TO MATA MANSA DEVI VIA), Route 23A (ISBT-43 TO KHUDA ALI SHER VIA), Route 24A, 24C (PGI TO ISBT 43 VIA, ISBT 43 to ISBT-17 VIA), Route 37 (ISBT 43 TO RAILWAY STATION VIA), Route 41 (ISBT-43 TO BHAGO MAJRA (SEC-110) VIA), Route 71 (ISBT-43 TO SAKETRI ~ KAIMBWALA VIA), Route 202 (ISBT-43 TO PB. Spl.Trip School Sec-18 From Ramdarbar. Dwelling in Chandigarh, her spare time is devoted to cooking, dancing, taking care of pets and road trips to anywhere. Ramdarbar, Outer 47, Jagatpura, Ph-11, Police Chowki Sec-66, Detailed Chandigarh to Muzaffarnagar Railway trains timing and Schedule is provided here. (vice versa), Pb. Check out the full detailed CTU local bus route guide by Find in Chandigarh and know the time, distance, arrival time and stop points. W/Shop 28 P.Pump, Indl. Get complete list of trains from Chandigarh to Muzaffarnagar. We provide all car types AC, non AC,Hatchback, SUV, Sedan and Tempo Traveller & Luxury at best rates with online cab Booking at … 28/29, Elante Mall, Colony No.- 4, CTU Workshop, R/Station, 23/22, ISBT-17, Sec 18 mkt, Sec 19 mkt , Sec 27 mkt, 28 mkt, CTU w/s Mkt., 27 Mkt., 28 Mkt., Indl. Crossing ,Kalagram ,H.B Chowk, M/Majra, Command Hospital. It also hosts a Centralized Database of Indian Railways Trains & Stations, and provides crowd-sourced IRCTC Train Enquiry Services. Sec-22/17, 22/23, 23, 24 4, Hallo Majra, Airport, Zirakpur, Dhakoli. Chowk, Frenko Hotel, O/Barrier, Ph-6, Maloya, 38west, CTU Depot-III, 30/20, 32/33, 46/45, 50/49, 64/63, 68/67, Sec-67, Mandikaran Find a cheap flight by comparing the prices of airline tickets on hundreds of travel sites. Bus Route: Departure: Almora to Chandigarh Bus: 13:30: Almora to Dehradun Bus: 17:00, 18:00: Balawal DDN to Delhi Bus: 21:00: Chandigarh to Tehri Bus: 04:15: Chandigarh to Srinagar Bus: ... Hello sir /men haldwani to muzaffarnagar bus time table kya hoga. Gopalpet to Madanapalle volvo bus booking, Niwari to Dharmanagar daily ac bus service. 2 Daily Trains. Command Hospital, Majri Chowk.. (vice versa), Sec 43/44, 42/43, 36/35, K/Bhawan, mkt, 19 mkt, 18 mkt, 22/17, 16, 15 mkt. DMC, Dhanas, S/P/Barrier, K/Lahora, PGI, OPD, 10/11, 10/16, SECTT. Its arrival time at MUZAFFARNAGAR is 15:18. From Chandigarh to Kalka to Solan to Shoghi to Tara Devi and to Shimla. Chandigarh to Muzaffarnagar bus route and no. . Chowk. A. Colony. 43/44, 42/43, 36/35, 23/22, ISBT-17, 18 mkt., Chandigarh to Saharanpur bus route and no. Tank Chowk, Kalagram, versa), Sec-43/44, 42/43, 36/35, 23/22, Use Coupon Code TRAINWOW and get 10% Instant Discount (Up to Rs.50) on ticket booking. w/s, R/Station Kalagram, H/B Chowk, M/Majra. While driving for long distance, make sure you take proper rest at intermediate stops. Station, Rly. See the distance between Muzaffarnagar and Chandigarh with map locating shortest roads and directions from Muzaffarnagar to Chandigarh. CIVIL. Sec-47 mkt, 46, 45, 44 mkts, ISBT43, 43/44, 42, 41, 40, 39 mkts, Maloya, 38/39, 38/40, 38/37, 25/24, 14/15, Uni., PGI, 11/15, 10/16, 9/17, 8/18, 19/7, 26/27, 28/27, 29/30, 31/32, 47/46, 47 mkt. 22/35, 21/34, 20/33, 30/32, 29/31 Depot-III. Be it finding a gym, a wedding planner, learn guitar or getting plumbing job done, we are a specific destination to get all things done. 17/16, ISBT-17, Aroma, 34/35, 44/43. 16/10 Hospital, OPD, PGI, K/Lahora, S/P/Barrier, Dhanas, DMC, CTU Barrier, Mullanpur, Parol, Majra, Boothgarh, Block, Sialwa, JhandeMajra.

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